Water Saving and Sustainability by Ideal Standard
Sustainable Product 2

In Ideal Standard we are dedicated in providing the highest level of environmental sustainability in all our products. For over 40 years, we have been at the forefront of environmentally-friendly innovation. Today, we take an enormous step concerning water & energy saving solutions, ensuring high quality performance of all our products with regards to their impact on Earth’s resources.



Flow Regulator

Designed for visual appeal and flawless practicality, Connect Blue fittings are also engineered to be smart on the inside. They include features – like a flow limiter and a Click Cartridge – that help you reduce your household bills without compromising on your comfort. But it’s not just about saving water and energy. Connect Blue fittings also improve water hygiene.

Water Purity

By reducing the amount of water held in the Connect Blue fitting by 80%, there is less water to flush through and reheat. That also means there is 80% less water in the tap to stagnate and allow bacterial growth. IdealBlue technology is a unique nickel and lead free technology, designed specifically for basin mixers. Water passing through the IdealBlue technology never touches chrome or nickel; the copper pipes are not plated on the inside, while all water-bearing surfaces are made of plastic. IdealBlue technology anticipates and exceeds new European Drinking Water Directives.

Click Technology

Classic-outlet models feature the Click water-saving device to reduce consumption by 50%. Ecological and economical, the 40mm Click Cartridge allows you to easily control, monitor and reduce your water.



The efficient and optimum control of water is essential for a well run organisation from both an environmental and cost control point of view.


Water is the most valuable resource on Earth. It is therefore crucial for us to learn how to manage our water requirements responsibly. Most Ideal Standard cisterns are equipped with a dual flush mechanism that allows for two different levels of flush, the full 3 or 6 litres as well as a smaller 2.6 or 4 litre flush, thus saving more than 50% of waste versus the traditional cistern of 12 litres flush!


The easily fitted and removed flow restrictor cuts water consumption in high-pressure systems from a typical 12 litre to just 8 litre.


Get a rejuvenating bath but still care for the environment. Water saving designs from as low as 116 litre capacity. Bath Capacity Today there are a wide diversity of bath shapes and sizes and it is possible to purchase baths from Ideal Standard with a capacity as low as 116 litres (a typical capacity for baths is around 190 litres) To keep water usage low it is recommended that both a bath and a shower, or a shower only, are installed in a dwelling.


Choose among sensor flush or waterless options.