Environmental and Quality Policy

  • Environmental Policy

In our quest to provide our clients with world-class products and professional service, Sultaco, with its reliable business partners, comply and are strongly committed to the environmental issues. We do our best to look after the welfare of our employees, clients and the community at all times.

Saving energy and preserving the environment are two essential issues that we value, and accordingly, we undertake to promote:

• Environmental awareness throughout the organization.
• Energy saving policies, applicable environmental laws and regulations or legal requirements of the government institutions, under the current Health, Safety and Welfare Act and the Environmental Protection Act.
• Safe and healthy working environment for our employees, with adequate facilities appropriate to the nature of our business activities and minimal exposure to harmful risks.

Our principals invest on constant research and development to deliver world class products, with the use of appropriate technology that will protect and preserve the environment at the same time.

We choose to be responsible with our products and services to achieve sustainability of the environment and quality solution.

  • Quality Policy

Sultan Bin Rashed (Sultaco), established in 1968, is a nationally owned trading company with branches throughout the Emirates. We offer a comprehensive product mix for the building industry and enjoy a reputation for the Quality of our products and Services.

With the constant need to uphold and improve upon this reputation, we are committed to the quality objective of delivering our products and services as per the contractual specifications at all times to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve the above quality objective and to continuously improve our system, we implement and maintain a Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 International Standard. In this respect, we have appointed a Quality Management Representative to ensure implementation and continuity of the system.