• Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

    • Ideal Standard

      Ideal Standard

      Bathroom Suites, Brassware and Bathtubs

      Ideal Standard is the flagship brand of Ideal Standard International. The products are also sold under its strong international brands Jado and American Standard (Latin America). With bathroom solutions as its core business, the company provides bathroom furnishings, fixtures and shower enclosures for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. The company’s products have reflected the best in sanitary ware for over a century. Ideal Standard International is driving forward wellness through- innovation by developing design and technology based intelligent bathroom solutions. It balances performance and style. This combined with quality offers long term value for end users.

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    • American Standard

      American Standard

      Bathroom Suites, Brassware and Bathtubs

      At American Standard it all begins with the unmatched legacy of quality and innovation that has lasted for more than 130 years. It is this tradition of quality and innovation that puts American Standard in three out of five homes in America, as well as, countless hotels, airports, and stadiums.

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    • Oli
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      Flush Systems

      Oli is a leader for over 30 years in manufacturing flush cisterns, mechanisms and components for vitreous china flush cisterns. Over the years the company has become one of the largest producers of flush cisterns worldwide.

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    • Geesa


      Bathroom Accessories

      Geesa from Netherlands was founded as a coppersmith in 1885 and has been producing bathroom accessories since the 1930s, when the first soap dish was made. Now, three quarters of a century later, it is one of the few specialists in this field. The total Geesa range consists of all possible bathroom and toilet accessories, manufactured in a completely automated factory in Amersfoort.

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    • HIB



      HIB, established in 1990 by Warren Ginsberg, started out as a small bathroom mirror business in North London before rapidly expanding with a Tamworth distribution operation to keep up with escalating demand. Today they are widely recognised as a world leading bathroom product manufacturer providing cutting-edge, quality bathroom products throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

    • Arca


      Bathroom Ancillaries

      Arca is an Italian based company specialized in the bathroom world. They offer a selection of products for interior solutions, plumbing, hardware, lighting and with an architecture and design service.

    • Schell


      Electronic and Self-closing Faucets, Flush Valves and Angle Valves

      Schell is a manufacturer of high-quality fittings for building technology. Their products are “Made in Germany” from the initial idea to the finished product providing perfect solutions to all aspects of intelligent fitting technology.

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    • Sloan


      Commercial Flush Valves

      Sloan has been the world’s leading manufacturer of water-efficient solutions that are built to perform, guaranteed to last, and are designed with the hopes of promoting a healthy environment through water conservation. Each of Sloan’s divisions specializes in offering reliable products that will ultimately improve the quality of life of the customers and communities they serve.

  • Domestic Kitchen

    • Rational

  • Industrial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

    • ATA Srl

      ATA Srl

      Industrial Dishwasher and Cooking Equipment for Professional Use
      Design, Supply and Installation

      ATA Srl, established in Italy in 1984, manufactures high-quality commercial cooking equipment and commercial dishwashers. ATA’s steady growth has been marked by various stages of development: attentive manufacturing combined with a vision of how to manufacture. The ATA brand guarantees quality, safety and reliability.

    • Ilsa Spa

      Ilsa Spa

      Stainless Steel Kitchen Professionals
      Design, Supply and Installation

      Ilsa Spa, founded in 1979 where it started as a producer of special semi-finished products on third parties’ designs. Today, it manufactures its own line of furniture for pastry shops, bakeries and ice cream shops, refrigerated tables, display cases, blast chillers and shock freezers. Ilsa’s future commitments lie in the improvement of products and services through constant research activity. Ever since it was founded, Ilsa has considered quality as a major priority.

    • Art Serf Spa

      Art Serf Spa

      Stainless Steel Self-Service Equipment
      Design, Supply and Installation

      Art Serf Spa, specialized in the design and manufacture of containers of elements dedicated to the preservation, distribution of food and drink in the restaurant of the community and the public exercises, in particular self-service facilities.

    • Inoxtrend


      Professional Ovens for Gastronomy and Catering
      Design, Supply and Installation

      Inoxtrend, located in North-east of Italy, produces professional ovens for the catering industry. Inoxtrend’s quality standards derive from specialization, constant research and interaction with customers. The Inoxtrend brand is positioned in the medium-high level of the market, and offers a competitive and attractive proposal for all sectors of the catering industry. All their ovens are “Made in Italy” with high quality standards and attention to design.

  • Surfaces

  • Ceramic Surfaces

    • Jasba


      Glazed Ceramic and Glazed Porcelain

      Jasba, founded in Germany in 1926, is a traditional brand that stands for quality, variety and the dedication to ceramic as a material. The extensive range of sizes and colours available enables an extraordinary number of design variations.

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    • Vitrogres


      Glass Mosaic Tiles

      Vitrogres, the mosaic company from Vitoria-Gasteiz and a leading mosaic brand for decades, is the heir of the traditional quality of the mosaics manufactured in the North of Spain. Vitrogres makes a bet for original quality and discovering new possibilities and decorative uses.

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  • Resilient Flooring

    • Karndean Design Flooring

      Karndean Design Flooring

      Luxury Vinyl Tiles
      Supply and Installation

      Karndean Design Flooring, founded in 1973, is one of the world’s most renowned and respected luxury flooring companies with a passion for developing imaginative, innovative products – versatile, luxury vinyl flooring with the look of simply beautiful, natural floors.

  • Laminate Flooring

    • Egger


      Laminate Flooring
      Supply and Installation

      Egger, established in 1961, provides high quality flooring with appealing design and are the leading European brand for flooring made of wood in the laminate, comfort and design flooring segments.

  • Finishing Profiles

    • Gradus


      Accessories for Resilient Flooring
      Supply and Installation

      Gradus is the market leader in contract flooring accessories and offers the widest choice in product solutions for stairs and floors.

    • Genesis


      Finishing Profiles – PVC, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Brass

      Genesis has the world’s largest range of finishing profiles. Their range of products includes tile trims, stair nosing, seals, expansion joints, transitions, floor care and tools.

  • Ironmongery

    • Almar


      Architectural Door Furniture and Door Accessories

      Almar was founded in 1980 in Italy, producing high-quality door hardware in brass and stainless steel. The constant attention to quality and design has given Almar strong success in the international markets. Almar is focused on growth through continual investments in equipment and technology and its strength lies in the use of innovative aspects of its products.

    • Trio Group

      Trio Group

      Architectural Door Furniture and Door Accessories

      Trio Group has been a family owned manufacturing and marketing business for nearly 40 years. As Australia’s only hinge manufacturer since early 1999, Trio’s competitive advantage has been further enhanced with the overhaul of its manufacturing plant, and the introduction of the latest technology and sustainable practices, which will continue to offer clients an affordable and timely Australian hardware solution. Its production covers door handles, locks, cylinders, door closers, hinges and various door hardware accessories using the best quality material.

  • Waterproofing

    • GCP Applied Technologies

      GCP Applied Technologies

      UK / USA
      Structural and Roofing Waterproofing Systems

      GCP Applied Technologies offers a wide range of construction chemicals and specialty building materials including air barriers, roofing underlayments, residential building materials, and structural waterproofing systems. GCP Preprufe advanced pre-applied waterproof membrane system develops an adhesive bond to poured concrete to prevent water migration, vapour and gas. Preprufe® has a worldwide track record for providing exceptional waterproofing protection of basements, underground car parks, foundations, tunnels, metros, libraries and archives, underpasses and retaining walls.

    • Grace de Neef

      Grace de Neef

      Preventive and Remedial Waterproofing Systems

      Grace de Neef produces preventative and remedial waterproofing products and concrete protection and repair products. These products are manufactured in Belgium, Spain and the United States and are sold throughout the world. De Neef’s product lines complement Grace’s structural waterproofing and building envelope portfolio by adding a variety of new technologies.

    • Imper Italia

      Imper Italia

      Waterproofing Membrane

      Imper Italia is a leading producer of distilled bitumen-polymer waterproofing membranes since 1966. Their product range includes prefabricated bitumen-polymer membranes for roofing, foundations, water retention, road work and special applications, Bituminous emulsions, synthetic liquid-applied waterproofing materials, Bituminous mastics and sealants, primers and protective coatings and insulating sheets for roofing systems.

    • Chase Serviwrap

      Chase Serviwrap

      Pipeline Protection

      Chase Serviwrap is the best known name in the corrosion protection and waterproofing industries. With over 35 years experience manufacturing waterproofing and corrosion protection systems, Serviwrap helps solve some of the most serious challenges facing the industry in a wide range of pipeline, construction, marine and industrial environments.