Ideal Standard

    Collection Name: Connect
    Designer: Robin Levien

    Product range:
    • WC and Bidets
    • Furniture and Accessories
    • Ultra thin seat & covers
    • Wall hung bowl with fully hidden fixation

    Connect Freedom:
    • XL Bowls for extra comfort
    • Vanities
    • Countertops
    • Under countertops

    Connect Blue:
    • Basin Mixers
    • Bidet Mixer
    • Bath & Shower Mixers
    • Shower Mixers
    • Bath & Shower Built -in Mixer
    • Shower Built-in Mixer

    Connect your design & space…. Connect, is where creative design, meets practical solutions. Choose a style which appeals to your taste from three distinctive basin shapes, CUBE, ARC, SPHERE, then build your dream bathroom around it. With Connect, you can fulfill your whole wish list. You will discover WC and bathing options, innovative storage, stylish accessories and some very clever ideas along the way. Whether you’re planning a busy family space, an elegant shower room, or a compact guest room, Connect offers a complete solution along with value, without compromise.

    The new Connect collection will offer the consumer the “Freedom“ of choice. Larger or special models will give you the opportunity to create the bathroom of your choice without limitations!

    Connect; where creative design meets practical solutions. Whether you‘re planning a busy family space or a compact guest room, Connect offers a complete solution along with value without compromise.

    The Connect Shower enclosures complete the very popular and successful range of products for the bathroom. Speaking of a full range of enclosures, in variety of functions, shapes and dimensions and in a great price. Available in Transparent and Stampato C glass, 4mm thickness and Ideal Clean coating for ease of cleaning and saving of energy, effort and money. The ideal proposition for every bathroom!

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