Acoustic Heterogeneous Vinyl – Heavy Traffic

For areas where acoustics and wear-resistance are equally important, the heavy traffic collection combines unique impact sound reduction properties, tough construction. Ideal for commercial applications such as healthcare, aged care, education and offices. The collection also offers underfoot comfort and the visual appeal of the widest range of colours and patterns on the market.

Tapiflex Excellence
The new inspirational collection to create stimulating environments in very heavy traffic areas.
– Tapiflex Excellence 65

Tapiflex Essential
Provide simply comfort with a well-being offer providing comfort in a warm and stress-less atmosphere.
– Tapiflex Essential 50

Tapiflex Stairs
Ensure a safer step with the coordinated stairs collection.
– Tapiflex Stairs

Tapiflex Evolution
– Tapiflex Evolution

Tapiflex Tiles
A selection of the Tapiflex Excellence and Essential collections in tiles, for easier installation in tiny areas or offices.
– Tapiflex Tiles 50
– Tapiflex Tiles 65