Collection Name: Backstage

Naturale / Natural
Strutturato / Textured

60×120 / 24″x48″
30X120 / 12″x48″
40X80 / 16″x32″
60X60 / 24″x24″
76X76 X20 / 31″x31″ X20

Backstage coloured body fine porcelain tiles (ISO 13006:2012 Annex G, group Bla) are produced by dry pressing high‐quality spray‐dried clays of various colours. Designed to meet the needs of both professionals and homeowners, Backstage offers a blend of contrasting inspirations based on the traditions and locations of industrial archaeology. The varied graphics of terracotta surfaces are combined with the contemporary appeal of concrete, breaking away from minimalist rigour to create unique spaces.

Technical Characteristics:
– The clay body is fired at a temperature of approximately 1220°C.
– The finished product complies with standard EN 14411:2012.
– The Backstage collection comes in five colours (Ash, Bisque, Graphite, Spicy and Tan), a range of modular sizes and a unique aesthetic that combines clay and concrete. The surfaces are available in 2 versions, satin and textured, the latter ideal for exterior use. The original 8.5 x 8.5cm Hexagon decorative inserts mark a shift away from the classic rectangularity of ceramic tiles and allow for entirely new compositional layouts. The wide range of sizes and decorative elements in the Backstage collection enable it to be used to create surprising new tiling solutions, ideal for a range of architectural contexts including private spaces and unconventional applications. It makes skillful use of contrasting elements and materials and coordinates with the main Flaviker collections.
– Backstage meets the requirements of the LEED international rating system.

Specification Data:
Colour / Appearance: The tiles have a random graphic design that varies from one piece to another. All tiles are rectified after firing, allowing for narrow‐jointed installation.
Size / Thickness: 60 x 120cm, 30 x 120cm, 40 x 80cm, 40 x 80cm mix, 60 x 60cm, 30 x 30cm Mosaic, 8.5 x 8.5cm Hexagonal Mosaic mountedon 51 x 29.2cm mesh (9mm).
Recommended Areas of Use: Interior and exterior floors and walls.