Soap Dispensers and Faucet Combos

A consistent on-deck aesthetic
Sloan’s seven new sensor-activated soap dispensers are designed to pair perfectly with the Sloan faucets you already love for their style, performance and durability. The added convenience of their matching faucet combo packages. It’s never been easier to create the exact on-deck experience you need for your unique design vision.

A few of Sloan’s soap dispensers and faucet combos:

ESD-1500 Soap Dispenser pairs with Optima® EAF-100/150
The ESD-1500 is designed to match our popular water saving classic EAF-100/150 faucet line. The sleek shape of these products together creates a pleasing design aesthetic and provides an unsurpassed variety of usage. Whether for commercial or public use, the ESD combo will help you achieve your dream restroom on-deck design.

ESD-500 Soap Dispenser pairs with BASYS® EFX Series
One of our most popular lines, the Basys faucet has a newly enhanced soap dispenser, the ESD-500. It now utilizes a 1500ml or 2300ml GOJO soap bottle for longer lasting soap with reduced soap bottle replacements. Plus, it mimics the minimal Basys form in a slightly smaller size, creating a consistent visual on your commercial sink top. Available in Sloan special finishes to complete your design concept.

ESD-600 Soap Dispenser pairs with Optima® ETF-610/EBF-615/625
This duo is a favorite among the design community because of it’s clean cylindrical look. The ESD-600 soap dispenser makes a modern statement on-deck and can be the visual focus or blend in to create a harmonious visual environment.