Compact Heterogeneous Vinyl

With the widest range of colours and designs on the market, Tarkett compact heterogeneous vinyl floorings offer creative solutions for commercial applications such as healthcare, education, stores and shops and hospitality. High quality raw materials and innovative surface treatments ensure long-lasting performance and appearance, easy maintenance and excellent life cycle costs.

Acczent Excellence
A wealth of colour and tone inspired by nature and contemporary design combined with excellent resistance to indentation, abrasion and tearing.
– Acczent Excellence 80
– Acczent Unik
– Acczent Excellence 70 Ruby
– Acczent Excellence 70 Opal
– Acczent Excellence 70 Silver
– Acczent Excellence 70 Topaz

Acczent Essential
Practical economy solution, ideal for semi-commercial areas: provides warmth and good underfoot comfort, with 10dB acoustic absorption.
– Acczent Essential 55

Acczent Evolution
– Acczent Evolution

Acczent Classic
A comfortable solution for smooth and safe daily light commercial or home use.
– Acczent Classic 40