Corques Liquid Lino

Corques is a tough, flexible, seamless and comfortable floor covering. It can be used as a seamless decorative floor covering in the education and medical sectors, offices, museums, and is also suitable for domestic surfaces. In short Corques is a perfect
solution for floors where the owners and users have a high demand for comfort, wear and impact resistance and hygiene. It is simply a seamless solution from wall to wall.

Corques is wear resistant and shows high mechanical properties. It is tough-elastic and shows a perfect resistance to the signs of use. After curing, Corques becomes resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids, leys, resins, solvents and foodstuff. Corques is seamless and liquid tight. The majority of its ingredients are from renewable resources, free of plasticizers. Corques is easily maintainable and after many years of intensive use Corques can be retopped at a fraction of the initial costs.