Collection Name: Forward

Naturale / Natural
Lappata / Honed

40×80 / 16″x32″
20×80 / 8″x32″
60×60 / 24″x24″
30×60 / 12″x24″
30×60 Mix Sizes
20×40 / 8″x16″
20×20 / 8″x8″
40×80 X20 / 16″x32″ X20

Forward coloured body fine porcelain tiles (ISO 13006:2012 Annex G, group Bla) are produced by dry pressing high‐quality spray‐dried clays of various colours. Forward marks the culmination of a creative process that began by observing various types of stone, in particular quartzite and multicoloured slate, then combined multiple photos to capture and re‐ elaborate their essence. The result is a harmonious visual and colour experience in which the stratifications of certain types of stone are enhanced by crystalline effects typical of other minerals.

Technical Characteristics:
– The clay body is fired at a temperature of approximately 1220°C.
– The finished product complies with standard EN 14411:2012.
– Forward is ideal for use on interior and exterior floors and walls.
– Available in a wide range of sizes and 4 different colours (Sand, Earth, Grey, Black), Forward can be used with enormous creative freedom in many different settings, including modern residential and commercial spaces as well as bathroom and wellness areas. For outdoor use, Forward comes in 20 x 20cm and 20 x 40cm sizes for conventional installation and a brand‐new 40 x 80cm size with extra‐large 20mm thickness suitable for use on raised floors and for dry installation on gravel, grass and sand.
– Forward meets the requirements of the LEED international rating system.

Specification Data:
Colour / Appearance: The tiles have a random graphic design that varies from one piece to another. All tiles are rectified after firing, allowing for narrow‐jointed installation.
Size / Thickness: 40 x 80cm, 20 x 80cm, 60 x 60cm, 30 x 60cm (9mm), 40 x 80cm (20mm), 20 x 20cm and 20 x 40cm (9mm), 30 x 60cm mix size (5 x 60cm, 10 x 60cm, 15 x 60cm) (9mm), mosaic 30 x 30cm (9mm).
Recommended Areas of Use: Interior and exterior floors and walls.