Collection Name: No_W

Naturale / Natural

60×120 / 24″x48″
40×80 / 16″x32″
60×60 / 24″x24″
20×20 / 8″x8″
8,5×35 / 3.4″x14″
76×76 / 30.4″x30.4″ 20mm

NO_W coloured body fine porcelain tiles (ISO 13006:2012 Annex G, group Bla) are produced by dry pressing high‐quality spray‐dried clays of various colours. NO_W from Flaviker combines the graphic minimalism of certain types of Northern European stone with the tonal variations typical of slabs obtained from different blocks or from different quarries. NO_W offers a modern interpretation of old stone floors, giving the collection a distinctly contemporary flavour.

Technical Characteristics:
– The clay body is fired at a temperature of approximately 1220°C.
– The finished product complies with standard EN 14411:2012.
– NO_W is available in a highly contemporary colour palette catering for the needs of contemporary architecture, currently the four colours Sand, Earth, Grey and Coal. It offers interesting design opportunities when used in conjunction with the other natural‐look materials contained in the Flaviker catalogue. The collection comes in a range of original and versatile sizes, including a 60 x 120cm panel ideal for renovation of large spaces, a medium‐size 40 x 80cm format, a 60 x 60cm square pattern, a 20 x 20cm and a trendy 8.5 x 35cm size which can be used to create different installation patterns on both floors and walls. To round off the collection, 76 x 76cm X20 extra‐thick tiles are available in colours Sand and Gray for paving residential and commercial exteriors.
– NO_W meets the requirements of the LEED international rating system.

Specification Data:
Colour / Appearance: The tiles have a random graphic design that varies from one piece to another. All tiles are rectified after firing, allowing for narrow‐jointed installation.
Size / Thickness: 60 x 120cm, 40 x 80cm, 60 x 60cm, 20 x 20cm, 30 x 30cm Mosaic, 30 x 40cm mesh‐mounted Brick Mosaic, 8.5 x 35cm (9mm), 76 x 76cm (20mm).
Recommended Areas of Use: Interior and exterior floors and walls.