Supreme Wide

Collection Name: Supreme Wide

Lux+ Rettificato / Polished Rectified
Naturale Rettificato / Natural Rectified

160×320 / 64″x128″
120×240 / 48″x96″
160×160 / 64″x64″
80×160 / 32″x64″
120×120 / 48″x48″
80×80 / 32″x32″
60×120 / 24″x48″

Flaviker’s WIDE collection consists of tough yet lightweight porcelain panels with a thickness of just 7mm and a record size of 160 x 320cm produced using the revolutionary CONTINUA+ technology. The new pressing system involves dry compaction of raw materials and is able to produce surfaces that combine excellent aesthetic quality with outstanding technical performance.

Marble, stone, wood and surfaces inspired by industrial concrete are mixed to create unique, visually-striking residential and commercial spaces.

One of the aims of the WIDE project is to supply a hi-tech ceramic material that is easy to use in very different sizes and applications. WIDE comes in a large selection of sizes, all rectified, ideal for uses ranging from residential through to large-scale works in public and commercial spaces.

Taking account of the material’s key qualities, including strength, thermal shock resistance, low thickness and ease of working, the WIDE large-format slabs extend the fields of use of porcelain. The WIDE collection has fewer joints while giving enormous creative freedom to architects and interior designers, who appreciate the versatility of this ceramic surface without limits.

Available in five colours with powerful aesthetic appeal, from classic marble to rarer and more decorative varieties of stone, it offers a highly original interpretation of this timeless material.