Collection Name: Supreme

Naturale / Natural
Anticata / Antiqued

60×120 / 24″x48″
30×120 / 12″x48″
60×60 / 24″x24″
30×60 / 12″x24″
60×120 Mix Sizes
60×120 Mix Floor

Supreme coloured body fine porcelain tiles (ISO 13006:2012 Annex G, group Bla) are produced by dry pressing high‐quality spray‐dried clays of various colours. The result of painstaking research and graphic design work conducted in the Flaviker laboratories.

Supreme is a contemporary reinterpretation of a selection of five different types of marble:
Golden Calacatta reproduces the characteristic golden veins of the eponymous natural stone.
Onix Prestige is based on a blend of different types of onyx in which plainer areas alternate elegantly with details of crystalline intrusions.
Exotic Brown is a free interpretation of the Indian marble commonly known as Frappuccino.
Silver Dream emulates the characteristics of Bardiglio Imperiale marble in a decidedly more modern shade of grey and a wide variety of graphic designs.
Royal Statuario is inspired by the world‐famous aesthetics and luminosity of Carrara marble and is ideal for use in modern architecture.

Supreme is complemented by a wide range of sizes, finishes, coordinated wall tiles and decorative elements that make it ideal for designing both residential and public spaces.

Technical Characteristics:
– The clay body is fired at a temperature of approximately 1220°C.
– The finished product complies with standard EN 14411:2012. The Supreme collection features three types of surfaces: natural, with the appearance of a slab of marble that has not yet been machined; antiqued, which emulates the timeworn effect of years of foot traffic; and Lux+ with a high‐gloss finish. Supreme enhances the design and aesthetic qualities of marble and comes in rectified 60 x 120cm, 30 x 120cm, 60 x 60cm, 30 x 60cm and 10 x 30cm sizes, original mix sizes and mix floor solutions for dynamic and creative installations. Furthermore, the original hexagons and Frame and Stripe floor tiles combine the elegance of marble with the gritty appeal of contemporary materials such as wood and concrete.
– Supreme meets the requirements of the LEED international rating system.

Specification Data:
Colour / Appearance: The tiles have a random graphic design that varies from one piece to another. All tiles are rectified after firing, allowing for narrow‐jointed installation.
Size / Thickness: 60 x 120cm (9mm), 30 x 120cm (9mm), 60 x 60cm (9mm), 30 x 60cm (9 mm), 10 x 30cm (9mm)
Recommended Areas of Use: interior floors and walls.