Tonic II
Ideal Standard

Collection Name: Tonic II
Designer: Artefakt

Product range:
• WC and Bidets
• Vanities
• Vessels
• Countertops
• Guest Basins
• Freestanding Bathtubs
• Furniture
• Basin, Bidet, Shower and Bath Mixers

Distinctive features:
• With Aquablade Flush Technology
• Wide variety of 4 furniture finishes

Tonic II presents an incredible selection of beautifully proportioned, distinctively contoured, refined ceramics. The smooth, pure lines create an effortless aesthetic and the entire collection presented together creates a feeling of purity and serenity.

Vessels and vanities, toilets with new Aquablade™ flushing technology or rimless options and bidets: the luxury pieces come in different sizes and the basins are available with the addition of a coloured rim to match your chosen furniture colour palette. Whatever your space or individual tastes, you’re sure to find a solution from within the Tonic II range.

The furniture solutions from the Tonic II range are excellently thought out and considered, helping to keep surfaces free of clutter and maintaining a tidy and well organised bathroom. The drawer space also cleverly uninterrupted as a brand new siphon, Space Idealow has been created, allowing complete freedom of space
within the drawer.

The bath is an absolute necessity for those who want to relax and to indulge in their bathroom environment. Tonic II has beautiful solutions to work with every shape and sized room, from gorgeous free-standing baths that look stunning as a centrepiece, to D-shape and even rectangular options for a more standardised set-up.

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